Counterfeit Lover

A heart-quickening adult romantic thriller.

Nov. 24, 2020

Darrin Clark is an impoverished young man, madly in love and desperate for any job. Then a Hollywood studio promises to make him a movie star—if he will submit to a face-modifying procedure they are developing. When a ruthless villain discovers this same procedure, everything Darrin holds dear is threatened. How drastic a transformation is Darrin willing to make for love?


Santa's Dashboard

A heartwarming illustrated children's book.

What kinds of gadgets would be on Santa's sleigh?

A toy-o-meter?

Buttons for snow and Rudolph's nose?

Throttles for laughter and cheer?


In this heartwarming tale, a boy takes Santa's sleigh in order to escape bullies. He learns the secrets that allow Santa Claus to do so much on just one night, but he is afraid he will be punished if Santa catches him.


Santa's Dashboard will send children's imagination soaring above presents and decorations towards the true spirit of Christmas.

"Richer than I, you can never be - I had a mother who read to me."

            -Strickland Gillian

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